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American Flag Lights

Third Millenium Series

American Flag light or US flag light
version I
36" x 3" x 3"

plexiglas mount:

aluminum mount:

While making its obvious political statement, the design of the "American Flag Light" also offers an aesthetic, abstract statement as well. It consists of a single neon tube in alternating colors of red, white and blue. The colors are especially rich in tone as they are obtained using ruby red and cobalt blue colored glass tubing. The "American Flag Light" is lightweight and designed to be mounted indoors or outdoors, vertical or horizontal. It is quite bright and will be visible at quite a distance, even in rainy or foggy weather, although a dimmer version is available if so desired. The "American Flag Light" is available mounted on white or black plexiglas or brushed aluminum and custom sizes or mountings are available.


The "American Flag Light" is quite effective in home.or business, on the front of the building or in a window or transom. It boldly makes a statement that is both political as well as artistic.




American Flag Light
version II

"American Flag stalaglite vI" sculpture, exhibited in this New Orleans art gallery exhibition of neon sculpture and neon art installations
American Flag Stalaglite, small

base: 9.5" x 5.5" neon: 12-48"

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