neon sculpture and neon art installations by artist Ehlenberger including modern and contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
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Space Jelly


 Space Jelly 246a", featured in this virtual neon art gallery, displaying the neon sculpture and neon art installations, including modern and contemporary art work as well as a line of neon clocks and wall sconces

 Space Jelly (246a)
height varies: 36" x 36" x @44"
acrylic, neon

Although they were designed for outdoor applications, they work well indoors also. Constructed of lightweight acrylic, they are easy to install and consume very little energy. Hinting at art deco and '50's style science fiction ("Jellyfish meets Flying Saucer"), they are playful, colorful and dramatic. Bold enough to display alone, they have incredible impact when displayed in groups.



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wall sculpture I

wall sculpture II

wall sculpture III

floor & table sculpture

hanging sculpture

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