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Recent Sculpture


Mosquito sculpture, neon aluminum plexiglass

36" wide x 38" tall x 5" deep
aluminum, acrylic, neon

In a commission sponsored by the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI), Ehlenberger was asked to design a sculpture based in realism that illustrated the feeding posture of anopheline mosquitos (butt up). For those of you in the dark, the anopheline mosquitos are the ones that transmit malaria - and the scientists at SRBI are working diligently on developing a safe and effective vaccine against malaria, a nasty disease with serious mortality and morbidity. We are hoping their research progresses rapidly and smoothly.

Of interest, the anopheline mosquitos differ from the usual culicine mosquitos by having their body tilted upward and by having their legs in the air as they suck blood. So pay attention next time you look down at a mosquito biting you if you are concerned about acquiring malaria.

Jobe Mask

28" wide x 32" tall x 5" deep
aluminum, glass, neon

This mask sculpture was designed in collaboration with the owner of "Wired Coffee," a new coffee house recently opened in St. Louis, and was interpreted into their logo. If you are in St. Louis, stop by for some great java!

Coffman Eye

32" wide x 24 " tall x 5" deep
aluminum, acrylic, neon

This eye sculpture was designed in collaboration with Dr. Coffman, an optometrist at Planet Vision Eyecare Co. in Greenacres, FL.

Neo-Antique Series

Wall Sconces

(latest works in this established series)

neo-Antique 021

neo-Antique 021

neo-Antique 020

neo-Antique 020

neo-Antique 019

neo-Antique 019

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