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As an artist working in neon for more than twenty years, Eric Ehlenberger has explored many styles and approaches to his luminous sculpture. His sculptures have ranged from the abstract and contemplative to the fantasy art of his Venusian Gardens. Ehlenberger's luminous interpretations of Asian style Landscapes have generated a great deal of interest. In addition, Ehlenberger has designed many unique wall sconces that are modern and contemporary yet sometimes borrow from the antique.

The following list of web sites is an excellent online resource for commercial and home interior design and interior decoration professionals interested in a unique, contemporary approach to fine art for the home or business. Also included are sites designed for both commercial and residential lighting fixtures including indoor and outdoor lighting.

We invite you to visit us in person when you come to visit New Orleans. We have two locations, glassLight art gallery in the French Quarter and Venusian Gardens, Ehlenberger's studio and art gallery just outside the French Quarter in the historic Fauberg Marigny.

For those of you unable to visit in person,
please enjoy these online art gallery web sites:


list of focus web sites related to Ehlenberger:

comprehensive online virtual art gallery of Ehlenberger's neon art & sculpture

Venusian Gardens
2601 Chartres Street
in the historic Fauberg Marigny
near the French Quarter, New Orleans

studio gallery of Eric Ehlenberger

glassLight art gallery
728 St. Louis Street
in the French Quarter, New Orleans

offering unique venues for weddings and receptions
imaginative ceremonial ideas

contemporary wall sconces
antique glass, neon and brushed aluminum

(some web sites below are in various stages of completion)

exotic luminous venue for a wedding in New Orleans

intimate wedding venue in the French Quarter, New Orleans

unique series of lighting fixtures and wall sconces

art gallery of fantasy artwork

fine art gallery, twentieth century luminous artwork

gallery of fine art and craft

virtual art museum of luminous visual arts

art gallery of abstract and contemplative art

gallery of abstract art work & non-representational sculpture

art gallery luminous landscapes, Asian style

unique lighting fixtures for the home bathroom and kitchen

interior, exterior, outdoor lighting fixtures

contemporary home lighting fixtures and wall sconces

neon lights and lighting fixtures

residential interior design ideas for the home

commercial interior design ideas for the office

interior decoration ideas for the home