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Assembly of the Table Jellyfish

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QuickTime movie of the assembly

The Components


There are several components to the Jellyfish sculpture:

1. The Jellyfish Body on its base
2. The Tentacles (3)

3. The power supply (AC adaptor) with quick-connect plug



The Assembly

The assembly of the Table Jellyfish, while somewhat daunting at first, is actually quite easy. First, look on the bottom side of the Jellyfish body. In this position, one can see three female style quick-connects protruding through the three holes in the plexiglas circle. Next to each of these three holes, one can also see a screw with an acorn nut penetrating through the plexiglas. First, remove each acorn nut from each screw.


When one examines each tentacle, it can be seen that on one end there is a male style quick-connect and a rubber electrode cover with several holes in its lip. The male quick-connect of each tentacle is to be firmly inserted into the corresponding female quick-connect. After the quick-connects are coupled, the wire is fed gently back inside the hole in the plexiglas until the rubber lip of the electrode cover is abutted to the plexiglas. Note now that the small nylon screw protruding adjacent to each of the three holes will fit through one of the holes in the lip of the electrode cover. There are several holes in each lip allowing each tentacle to be placed in a variety of positions as desired.based on the overall configuration of the three tentacle as a whole. Firmly holding the tentacle adjacent to its electrode cover, gently push the lip of the electrode cover over this screw and replace the acorn nut onto the screw finger-tight (not too tight!). When all three tentacles are in position with the acorn nuts replaced, the Jellyfish is ready to light.

At the base of the Table Jellyfish is a quick-connect that should be connected to the quick-connect from the AC adaptor. When this connection is established, it is time to plug in the AC adaptor and enjoy the Table Jellyfish sculpture!



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