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Phoenix Series



Environmental Guerilla Art Installations
Phoenix Series

The Phoenix Series, begun in April, 1988, is an ongoing project of public "guerilla art installations." Each installation is placed in a public location but for a few hours only with no advance warning or publicity, thereby catching the public by surprise. Thus it has become a form of "guerilla art," striking suddenly at unexpected times or places then vanishing, the force of it’s impact more a function of strategic timing than sustained presence.




Celebration in the Oaks

November 1997-January 1998

November 1998-January 1999

Neon sculpture art installations
Celebration I Neon sculpture art installations
Neon sculpture art installations

Awarded his first large-scale public commission in the fall of 1997, Ehlenberger installed six separate works in a group of statuesque old oak trees in City Park, New Orleans. The first three works are made up of multiples of singular but unique elements working together to create their impact. The last three works are essentially singular in nature consisting of large-scale abstract and figurative forms.




 Long Vue Gardens

Neon sculpture art installations
fountain installation

This installation was displayed for one evening only in 1984 as part of a large multi-media event at the time of the World Fair in New orleans.


 Reign of Light

Reign of Light Neon sculpture art installations
Reign of Light

This installation at "Club Max" consisted of multiple neon tubes, each hand manipulated into multi-colors, stripes and bubbles,totalling over 40 feet. Each "arm" of the installation was "scripted" so that the tubes would light up in a flowing sequence until the entire work was lit. It would then turn off and the cycle would repeat. It was a mesmerizing piece that was well-appreciated until the closure of the club in 1988.


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