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Circle, Arc V

"Circle, Arc V", exhibited in this virtual neon art gallery exhibition of neon sculpture and neon art installations

Circle, Arc V
48" 32" x 6"
translucent-painted aluminum, neon, glass lenses


The Circle, Arc Series of works are about the simplicity of line and form. Falling back to the basic forms of point, line and circle, these pieces mean to engage the viewer in contemplation of representation and relationships. The point is the represention of singularity and singularity, to the artist's view, is the representaion of the self. It is the point of consciousness and awareness. The line represents movement or action but also may represent obstruction or boundary. Thus these sculptures play out a story of action and interaction taking place within a circle, the universal symbol of the world. They represent, in a minimalist fashion, the human condition. The use of color, in turn, adds an emotional content further open to interpretation. Similar in nature but different in form are the works "Untitled 195", "Untitled 196" and "Untitled 197".


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