neon sculpture & neon art installations by artist Ehlenberger including modern & contemporary artwork, sconces & neon clocks
artist working in neon art & neon sculpture

Artist's Statement

My interest in neon, metal and glass began with a childhood fascination with prisms, rainbows and colored light. It was exposure to the Impressionists use of color and light to develop mood that inspired my interest in art. The Constructivist movement of the early 20th Century, particularly the works of Tatlin and Malevich, strongly influenced me with regard to structure and form. Subsequent influences include the Abstract Expressionist focus on non-objective interpretation and Asian culture's aesthetic emphasis on the elegance of simplicity and the economy of form.

On a basic level, I approach my sculptures as meditations of form and color. Using the vibrant colors and shadows achieved by combining neon lights with glass and brushed metal, I explore the emotional impact of luminous color and simple forms. This contemplative approach is most evident in such series as the Circle, Arc Series, Composition Series, Celebration Series and the Tectonic Series.

Of greater complexity are the theme-based series of my Venusian World sculptures. In these series, I explore a fantasy world of luminous flora and fauna including landscapes and dioramas in order to create an environment in which many sculptures work together as a whole. The culmination of this work is the "Venusian Gardens," a large scale diorama work-in-progress at my studio and gallery, an historic church in New Orleans


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