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The Venusian World

Venusian Flora Series




The Flora Series is actually the first series of Venusian sculptures Ehlenberger developed in beginning what has now become a strong theme within his body of work. His intent was to create a series of works with a lyrical nature, sculptures that would embody a sense of spring optimism. As he did so, the work took on a distinctive, other-worldly plant like nature and out of this came the development of a whole Venusian World.

The common denominator within the Flora Series are graceful, curved aluminum "leaves" with "blossoms" of neon appearing from within or behind the body of the sculpture. While the initial series were free-standing for floor or pedestal display, he later developed both wall-mounted and hanging versions of the Flora sculptures.

The result is a series of sculptures that embody what the artist refers to as "graceful optimism" within the framework of a fantasy world.

The Venusian World:


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